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writeaguide is the central platform for your organizations knowledge. Combine knowledge base, learning platform and help center in one place.


Promote knowledge transfer

As a result, employee knowledge is transferred to secure company knowledge.
4 x Prevents the loss of knowledge
more documented knowledge

Use time savings

Shortens the onboarding and increases the efficiency of daily processes.
45 % 18% more efficient processes
shorter training period

Establish a knowledge culture

Improves the knowledge management, reduces mistakes and motivates employees.
19 % 35% less mistakes
motivated employees
Create guides

Document your knowledge

You're the expert. Use our editor to create guides fill them with specialist knowledge for your teams.


Create your content quick and easy with our flexible editor.


No matter what content you want to insert, we have the right element for it.


Your knowledge remains organized and clear, regardlessof your content.

Connect your knowledge with your team.
Network knowledge

Share your knowledge

Bring your guides together and use the various options to exchange knowledge in a targeted manner..


Individually decide which members can access the knowledge. Uncomplicated and quick.


Use collections to group your guides thematically together. More overview for your team.


Use search terms, filter and keywords to find the knowledge you need. Time-saving and efficient.

Evaluate knowledge

Analyze your knowledge

Everything is made tangible by means of key figures. Why not knowledge management, too? Use our data-driven analyzes.

Knowledge progress

Always keep an eye on your level of knowledge and track your learning progress.

Key figures

Make your knowledge management tangible through our detailed statistics.


Find the specialist in your team and analyze the transfer of knowledge.

Analyze the knowledge of your teams with writeaguide.
Motivate your team with writeaguide.

Motivate your team

Our gamification system stimulates the creation and consumption of knowledge. This increases the exchange of knowledge in the team.


Rewards, awards and milestones are proven to motivate your team members.


Employees can use individual certificates to prove and present their expertise.

Security and data protection.

Protect your knowledge

We ensure that your knowledge is securely stored on German servers. Encrypted, data protection compliant and cloud-based.



We rely on the highest security standards and the most modern encryption methods.

Data protection compliant

Our data handling complies with the GDPR and German data protection standards.

Cloud based

Access your knowledge from anywhere. Securely stored on German servers.

Compatible with your tools

With interfaces to popular applications, you can easily integrate writeaguide into your working environment.

Use a variety of integrations in writeaguide.

Digitize your knowledge

Try writeaguide 60 days for free. After that you can choose a suitable plan and cancel at any time.

/ User / Month


For small companies
  • Unlimited guides
  • Individual team authorizations
  • Detailed knowledge analysis
  • Gamification for more motivation
  • Team based integrations

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/ User / Month


For big enterprises
  • All functions from Premium
  • Optimize knowledge with workflows
  • Find experts with the specializations
  • Certificates for members
  • Export guides

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19 % VAT exclusive. 60 days trial period with all features. You do not need a means of payment yet.

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