Optimize knowledge

Optimize knowledge and become more efficient

Mark knowledge as outdated, track down knowledge gaps or have guides automatically repeated by your team.

Knowledge Gaps

Find knowledge gaps and show your team what knowledge is not yet documented.

Outdated knowledge

Mark outdated knowledge and update the guides together as a team.

Knowledge culture

Establish a knowledge culture in the team and secure more individual knowledge.


Automatically inform your members when knowledge should be repeated.

Identify the knowledge gaps in the company

Note the open topics in your company that need to be documented. With this function, knowledge gaps can be identified and optimally closed. Already completed topics can be checked off.

Mark knowledge as outdated

Always keep your guide up to date and systematically mark knowledge in your company as obsolete. If a guide has been adapted, the up-to-dateness can be confirmed again.

Add contact persons

Even with the best knowledge documentation, questions can still arise. Therefore, you can add a contact person to each guide to whom the reader can turn to.

Establish a successful knowledge culture

To make knowledge management in the company even better, we have provided a few recommendations for the use of writeaguide. Card by card, a better knowledge culture can thus be established in the company.

Repeat your knowledge

Define in the guide settings, in which time intervals the respective guide should be repeated. Configure yourself when and how you want to be reminded. This way the knowledge is optimally consolidated.

Create transparent processes

Processes often require a lot of documentation if you want to measure and analyze them properly. Use our implementations for this. They accompany the process and take over tasks for you to make your work easier.

The knowledge of your teams in one place

Start your smart knowledge management right away for free.

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